Vintage Bay | Our Story
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Our Story



From Our Founder



Hi, i’m Amy, a small independent business owner and a keen traveller with an interest in the lives of objects!


 I grew up amongst a vintage fairground and since I could walk I’ve spent every Winter season skiing in the Alps. I adore mountain life and i’m inspired by the rustic alpine decor that’s felt like home to me since childhood.


 Many years ago I discovered an alternative happy place in bustling Camden Town and its beautiful neighbour, Primrose Hill, both teeming with Bohemian artisans and eccentric interiors. Whilst living in this unique part of London I dreamt of creating a lifestyle brand, finding a bricks and mortar shop to fill with the things I love, to adorn the walls with colour and interest and to stand out from the crowd. Combining the old and new became a passion, just as it had for my mother Gillian, a keen treasure hunter, a collector of the preloved and in fact one of our best customers!


 My love of nostalgic objects and eclectic gifts, led to the birth of the brand we know and love today. I’m very proud of my little store and I’m extremely excited about the 2018 launch of our very own website!


A Family Business

Did you know our namesake is actually a four year old explorer! Our wild child Rex Bay is the apple of our eye and he’s the boss so watch out!




Our Independent Store

We are hugely proud of our little indie shop in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, which is filled to the rafters with eclectic gifts, artisan homeware, reclaimed items and vintage finds. Our products could previously be found in wonderful emporiums all over the UK but eventually we found our forever home and in January 2017 we flung open the doors of our very own store! Since opening we have won the Muddy Stilettos Award for the best gift shop in Hertfordshire and we have been featured in a number of online and printed publications. We travel all over the world to source the most unique, authentic and unusual items which we have curated right here in our new online shop!

‘Have I gone mad? I’m afraid so, you’re entirely bonkers, but I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are’

 Alice in Wonderland